Winterfest 2016 CHCOG YOUTH


CHCOG Youth 

Winterfest is always a fun and enjoyable time of the year. Most people who have ever went will look forward to the next year in anticipation. This year was no different, there were a lot of new faces on the trip, and maybe even some that hadn’t been in a few years. No matter what, everyone was touched by God and was drawn closer to him over the weekend of Winterfest. It is easy to feel the presence of Jesus in the room of so many believers all joined together to worship Him and hear His word. The hard part is bringing the passion and fire back home and keep it going in your everyday life day in and day out. But anytime people get together and have a desire for Jesus, He can do miraculous things. And there is no doubt that this group of people grew closer to Jesues and grew closer to one another. They also brought back the fire and passion ignited in their hearts,